A bit about me

and some details about this website.

Hi! My name is Jonathan Land.

I've been designing and developing on the web for a bit over a decade now. Today I work at Connecteam, planning, designing, and developing our marketing websites and digital properties.

How I work, and why

I like to say I craft smart, tailor-made solutions to interesting problems. Good design isn't how it looks but how it works. Good design requires good goals and a good plan. Good solutions always follow real problems, and for everyone's sake I try to keep it interesting.


I got my start in graphic design, with a Bachelor's Degree in design and education. After a few years of designing client websites, I decided to take up front-end development. A mix of "I bet I can do this!", and a bunch of built-up frustration with the designer–developer communication gap, led me learn how to do both. Now the communication gap happens in my head, where it's mostly harmless.

This website is possible thanks to all these bits and pieces

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